Wood windows and wood-aluminium are the key insulation connecting the exterior and interior in any building. In Grup Orell, we integrate the best elements to offer the best window you can find on the market.

All have standard three characteristics: they are tilt and turn, they have a perimeter security hardware and carry a espagnolette lever on the second sheet.

Types of wooden windows

The importance of a quality wooden window it’s the most important concept when isolating our home and make it a comfortable, safe and energy-efficient space. Those which we design and produce in wood are one of the keys to achieving this goal. From Manacor, in Grup Orell we ensure to offer our customers the best.

The window’s mouldings from Orell Grup are entirely manufactured in an automated process. This process works all future wood window, paying attention to the smallest detail and ensuring the best results.

the Maco security fittings, which combine smooth and safe handling of your doors and windows; the nondeformable gums Deventer, which allow a hermetical seal of all enclosures throughout their entire life; the varnishes and water microporous paints, allowing natural transpiration of the wood and its expansion and contraction. This way we can achieve perfect finishes, without bubbles or cracks, making wood retains all its natural beauty; The water lasur “Sikkens” that we use in Grup Orell offers high quality and a guarantee of 5 years.

Crystal’s configurations in double or triple chamber ensure the isolation of their enclosures and most effective energy saving. Save energy and pay attention to the standards of the houses of lower consumption are some of the keys that determine the quality of a wooden window.

In Grup Orell we pay special attention to this fact. In this regard, our wooden windows stand out for their impressive performance for thermal and acoustic insulation, for this they become an extremely popular and effective design element.


Wood and aluminum windows

In addition to wooden windows, Grup Orell works in mixed wood and aluminium windows, an evolution of the first ones that combine both components. In this type of product, the warmth of wood inside adds to the protection provided by the inner welded aluminium profile without joints. Another strong point is the multiple styles and designs to make our home a place as welcoming as unique, without losing any of their effectiveness.

In addition to the assurance of the best wooden windows market, Grup Orell ensures that the installation is done with the same guarantees. This is one of the key parts in the process of isolation of a house, we care primarily because it certifies that will perform one hundred percent. Discover the quality, style and price of the best wooden windows that you can find in Mallorca.

If you want to know more about Grup Orell and our products, such as wooden doors, wooden floors or wooden cabinets. Discover all that we can offer from our carpentry in Manacor.