In Grup Orell we cover transportation costs as long as it in Mallorca. For other islands, peninsula and other destinations, we are happy to manage or coordinate shipments with the carrier of your choice.


In Grup Orell we take care to offer you the highest security and quality when it comes to installation thanks to our own team of installer who are in charge of installing our products and looking after the smallest detail.


In Grup Orell we are not only satisfied with an optimum product, but also commit ourselves to continue to maintain the quality of these with our maintenance service.


In Grup Orell we work with high quality materials to offer you the most competitive products in the market and with the best results in thermal insulation and energy-efficient.


As in Grup Orell we work with optimal materials to offer you a product to meet your expectations, we have a highly qualified sales team to handle your needs and concerns and turn them into a final product.


In Grup Orell we have a team of technical experts specialized in arrange and manage projects from start to finish, offering you with a extraordinary service along the way. Each project can only assume that your needs will be satisfied.