Maintenance service

In Grup Orell we are not only satisfied with an optimum product, but also commit ourselves to continue to maintain the quality of these with our maintenance service.

In Grup Orell we work with high quality materials to offer you the most competitive products in the market and with the best results in thermal insulation and energy-efficient.

Despite this, we are not satisfied only offering you the best products but also, we want to continue to maintain the quality of these.

To do this, we have Orell maintenance service after sales in which we offer to meet the immediate needs of the customer. You can check prices by contacting us.

Our maintenance service Orell includes the following features:

  • Application of cleaning and maintenance Varnish to revive the color and prolong the duration of the protective lacquer.
  • Overhaul and repair of painting.
  • Quality review and regulation of the internal fittings.
  • Quality review and regulation of external fittings: handle and trim.

Furthermore, with the delivery of your order we will give the maintenance kit for rebated Orell windows, including:

  • Cleaner and protective milk for varnish applicator.
  • Oil boat hardware.
  • L key to regulation of hardware and handle.
  • User manual.
  • Maintenance Manual varnishing.