Laminate and Parquet

Wooden floors, whether parquet or boards floor are a great solution for any home. Pallets and parquet of high quality give comfort and style to our house, making it the comfortable and unique place we want it to be. In combination with other wooden items such as windows, doors or shutters, we can create a comfortable and special atmosphere.

Is it better or parquet or floorboards?

Look at the variety of wood floors that Grup Orell has to offer you. Choose the one that best suits the idea of ​​your ideal home, whether or parquet floorboard. Choose the best colour, the best material and the best design to get the result you’re looking for in your home.

Sometimes the world of woodworking is too standardized. In Grup Orell, we seek to facilitate the construction process of your home offering adaptive solutions to each space to make incremental improvements, making minimum investment. If your intention is to give life to a space either by changing the style, this is your plan. If you feel you need advice to carry out your renovation or new construction, we offer you all our knowledge and expertise, studying what you have, possible relocations and depending on the result will define the new products needed or small interventions we need to the effect of the change is the most satisfying.

Outdoor wood floors

Not only inside our home you can enjoy the benefits of wood floors. Also outside, whether porches or gardens, can benefit from the characteristics of this type of soil.

Our commitment to excellence is to offer the customer the best product you can find on the market. As our industrial carpenters, our focus is on the application of the latest technologies in the manufacturing processes of products made from wood. We can ensure that our products provide comfort, safety and energy savings wherever they are installed.

Grup Orell guarantees the best qualities and a perfect installation for you to discover the possibilities of wood at home, also in wooden floors.