About Us

Since 1963, when our carpentry was founded, in Grup Orell we have had as the main objective the creation and innovation of our products through constant technological progress, in order to be one of the leading companies in the sector.

In Grup Orell we are manufacturers of wood and wood-aluminium windows, doors and shutters. All our products are of high quality and we can guarantee the best results in thermal insulation and energy efficiency.

Our specialty is the manufacture of windows thanks to robotized production process, which enables us to ensure the most accreted finishes in every order. The mouldings are entirely manufactured in an automated process that works all the wood of the future window to the smallest detail; the Maco security fittings, which combine smooth and safe handling of your doors and windows; the nondeformable gums Deventer, which allow a hermetical seal of all enclosures throughout their entire life; the varnishes and water microporous paints, allowing natural transpiration of the wood and its expansion and contraction. This way we can achieve perfect finishes, without bubbles or cracks, making wood retains all its natural beauty; crystals configurations in double or triple chamber, which ensure the isolation of their joinery and most effective energy saving.


With all this, and thanks to our team, in Grup Orell we offer a product characterized by its quality and efficiency.

Our mission is to give customers the best product you can find on the market, using the most modern technologies in manufacturing processes of doors, windows and other products made of wood. We can ensure that our products provide comfort, safety and energy savings wherever they are installed.

Our vision is to commit ourselves to continue growing and innovating to continue offering the most competitive products on the market and, above all, satisfying the needs of our customers.

The values ​​that characterize us are the continued growth and innovation of our technologies to provide the highest quality in our products; our team’s commitment to responsibility and achievement of the objectives of our company in providing the best quality to satisfy the needs of our customers.